The World Conferences on Research Integrity Foundation (WCRIF – www.wcrif.org) was established in July, 2017, as a non-profit organisation with its official seat in the municipality of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The first five World Conferences on Research Integrity were convened before the creation of the Foundation. They were organised by co-chairs and planning committees.

Mission of the WCRIF

The mission of the WCRIF is to promote research integrity through support for the ongoing organisation and development of the World Conferences on Research Integrity and all related activities. The WCRIF fulfills this mission by:

  • promoting the continuation of World Conferences on Research Integrity on a regular schedule;
  • ensuring organisational continuity between conferences;
  • maintaining the WCRI website; and
  • publishing and disseminating guidance or policies agreed to at World Conferences on Research Integrity.

The WCRIF is managed by a Governing Board of at least five and at most nine members who serve four-year terms. The Governing Board elects from its members a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer, who constitute the Board’s Executive Committee.

About the 8th WCRI

The World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) is the largest and most significant international conference on Research Integrity and Responsible Conduct of Research.

Since its first appearance in 2007, seven world conferences have been hosted in countries around the world, with the most recent in South Africa in 2022. A solid foundation of discussion and promotion of research integrity has been established by these previous world conferences, and this tradition is curated by the World Conference on Research Integrity Foundation (WCRIF).

Now, Greece has the honor to welcome and host the 8th WCRI in Athens.