Poster Awards

Posters will be nominated for awards based on submitted abstracts. At least one evaluator will observe and score the presentation for each of the nominated posters during the Poster Walks. Awards will be given to the nominated poster presentations with the highest combined mean scores.

Three Poster Awards will be granted for early career professionals (<5 years experience in research integrity). Only posters where the author who submitted the poster makes a presentation during scheduled Poster Walk Sessions will qualify for awards. In addition to these two requirements, awards will be based on the following criteria (scale of 1-5 for each criterion):

• Academic Quality – Originality; Methodology; Consideration of pertinent literature; Relevance to the conference theme; and Contribution to advancing the field.
• Presentation skill – Areas to consider include: Clarity of 3-minute presentation; Demonstration of knowledge and proficiency in answering questions during the Q&A discussion

Poster Walk Moderators will tour posters for Poster Walk Sessions. Poster Walk Moderators will be drawn from the Poster Committee and other WCRI committees, as well as previous poster award recipients.

Oral Presentation Awards

Three Oral Presentation Awards will be granted for early career professionals (<5 years experience in research integrity) presenting in-person only (not virtual presentations). Awards will be based on the following criteria:

• Academic content/significance – Areas to consider include: Clarity of research question and hypothesis (for hypothesis-driven research); Suitability of methodological design; Interpretation of results and conclusions.
• Quality of presentation – Areas to consider include: Verbal communication skills; Knowledge of the subject; Visual effectiveness of the presentation; Response to questions.

The Anderson-Kleinert Diversity Award

The Anderson-Kleinert Diversity Award highlights oral presentations that represent and enhance diversity of voice, ideas, or experience. These awards are intended to recognize:

• People from countries, research sectors, communities or other groups not often represented at the World Conferences;
• Creative ideas and new ways of promoting research integrity; or
• Experience with research integrity issues in contexts that call for novel approaches or perspectives.

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Excellence in Doctoral Research Award

On the recommendation of the Doctoral Forum panel, an Excellence in Doctoral Research Award will be granted to the best doctoral projects. Applications will be limited to doctoral students officially enrolled in a graduate program.

Based on the quality and relevancy of the research project, the presentation of the project by the PhD, and the contribution made to the Doctoral Forum, the expert panel will decide on two Awards for Excellence in Doctoral Research that will be presented during one of the plenary sessions.

The WCRI Poster & Award Committee will only award one award per awardee, across each of the award categories.