ECRP Network

Have you ever wondered whether there are others who are in the same career stage as you and share the same passion for fostering research integrity?

Have you ever considered expanding your network beyond your existing one; and exploring potential collaborations with young and energetic researchers and professionals like yourself?

Have you ever seen yourself being mentored by someone in this field who is more experienced, while you yourself becoming a mentor to others?

You have come to the right place!!

The Governing Board of the World Congress on Research Integrity is establishing an Early Career Researchers and Professionals Network (ECRP Network) for the following purposes:

  • Support career development
  • Share resources and knowledge
  • Foster collaborations
  • Establish mentor-mentee initiatives
  • Nurture future generations of leaders

Who is this network for?

Anyone who is an academic, researcher, research manager, administrator, policymaker, and anyone who works for agencies that support research (i.e.: publishing companies, funders, and government agencies). In short, this network is for you if you play a role in promoting research integrity.

Although we call it an Early Career network, we also welcome those in their mid-career stage. We don’t want to be too strict with numbers, but we are aiming this at those 45 years old and below or with less than 10 years of working experience in research integrity.

If this resonates with you, please come, and say “Hi” to us during one of the curated events at WCRI 2024. If you cannot attend the 8th WCRI on-site in Athens, please email us (see email address below) and we will keep you in the loop for future events. 


Curated Events

We have curated several events and sessions during WCRI that spotlight the initiatives and research of early to mid-career researchers and professionals. We hope to meet you at one of these sessions:


Pre-conference Workshops

Workshop 1: Doctoral Forum (only PhD students can apply)         

Workshop 6: Leadership capacity building for early career researchers and professionals in research integrity



Plenary C: The 7th WCRI Cape Town statement on fostering research integrity through fairness and equity one year on

Plenary E: Tackling racial and ethnic bias when translating research into policy



Symposium 1: Leadership in promoting a research culture with integrity in institutions

Symposium 4: A snapshot of knowledge on research integrity from research presented in the doctoral forum of the world conferences: a bird’s eye view on the findings


Socratic dialogues between early career researchers and professionals

This wine and cheese networking session is for all early to mid-career researchers and professionals. It is a Free-of-Charge event where you will meet others at a similar career stage. This session is sponsored by the World Conference on Research Integrity Foundation (WCRIF), and you will get to meet members of the WCRIF governing board and other experienced researchers and professionals.

While you mingle, we will also facilitate simple round-table discussions to get to know each other better.

Location: Room A
Date: Monday, June 3rd, 2024
Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Due to limited spaces, we ask you to register yourself so that we can better estimate the number of people who will turn up. Thank you! 

Early Career Researchers and Professionals v2 sm
Click here to download the PDF version of this poster

The people behind this WCRI ERCP Network

Chau De Ming
Senior Lecturer
Universiti Putra Malaysia

As an old proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Join this network and let us foster research integrity TOGETHER because integrity matters!”

Paula Saner
Research Integrity Manager
University of Cape Town, South Africa

“I really enjoy working with up-and-coming researchers and professionals, they represent the future of the research ecosystem. Empowering them is key to building and sustaining responsible research habits. It is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Joeri Tijdink
Assistant Professor
Amsterdam UMC

“I consider early career researchers as the rock stars of academia. They possess innovative ideas and can spark much-needed change. But they are also vulnerable to poor career perspectives and high workloads. Taking care of them is essential for a sustainable, bright and better academia.”

Eleni Spyrakou
8th WCRI 2024 Local Organizing Committee member
National Technical University of Athens

Lex Bouter
Co-Chairs of 8th WCRI 2024

“Early Career Researchers and Professionals can and should be an important driving force of responsible research practices. Senior leaders need to empower them and give them the trust, the tools and the facilities to make a difference.”

Maura Hiney
Co-chairs of 8th WCRI 2024

“The academic environment is highly competitive and for Early Career Researchers and Professionals seeking to establish themselves, there are many challenges. Becoming involved in a mutual learning network of like-minded colleagues is a great way to benefit from collective experience and to establish strong networks for future collaborations.”

For more information about this ERCP Network and the initiatives we have highlighted, please contact us at

Please also leave us a message if you cannot attend WCRI or are unable to attend these initiatives but want to be part of this network. We will make sure to get in touch with you.