Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre hotel

Built on the banks of the ancient river Ilissos, once mentioned in Plato’s writings and still flowing secretly beneath the property’s main road, the Crowne Plaza Athens City Center Hotel is an ultra-modern tribute to Athens’ rich past and the city’s millennia of fascinating history. It is as much a high-tech business hotel as it is a destination for leisure, shopping and nightlife. The award-winning hotel lies strategically in the central Athens suburb of Ilissia, named after its hidden historic river, only a 20-minute leisurely walk from the happening heart of the capital, Syntagma Square.

A single room fully equipped for the disabled guests
Entrance ramp and access to all public areas of the hotel for the disabled guests
Shared toilets for the disabled guests
Braille on the elevator buttons and voice over floor information
Room listings and room service in Braille

2008 – Total Renovation (all public areas, event rooms & hotel rooms except the conference room in 2nd floor
2018 – Total Renovation of event hall in 2nd floor
2019 – Renovation of reception area with addition of decorative timer constructions and carpet and floor change. Replacement of TVs in rooms with new technology devices

Heat pumps have been installed in order to order to reduce energy consumption, in the process of replacing the bulbs with led bulbs (about 90% has been changed)
Food leftovers are separated and disposed of in separate bins
Recycle of paper, glass, batteries, bulbs and electrical appliances, plastic and aluminum
Recycle cooking oils and inks from printers